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Believing These 10 Myths About Casino Game Keeps You from Growing

Just numerous other methods of making money, online casino games are covered by numerous myths. These are mostly perpetrated by people who are often too scared to play these games or those who seem to have lost a lot of money from online gambling. Some of these myths however are unfounded and don’t hold any truth. They are simply meant to scare you into avoiding to play online casino games. These myths have lasted for years, and some have even been believed to be true by some gamblers. Some however are not that superstitious and don’t take these myths very seriously. Some believe they are just ideas created and pushed by people online who have had different perceptions of online casinos. People who have won numerous online casino games tend to push the narrative that certain days or slot machines will guarantee wins, while others who have lost substantial amounts tend to think that the games are rigged. These are some of the numerous myths available, and that can keep you from growing and winning big once you begin believing in them.

1: Online casino games are rigged to favor the house

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A common saying that exists among many online casino players is that the house always wins in the long run. One of the reasons many have been led to believe this is the myth that the games are rigged. This has been a common belief, with many people holding it as true. Although the online casino Malaysia platforms advertise the games as being random, many people don’t believe this. This can thus result in you not playing the games available. This will thus reduce your chances of winning the games to zero as you won’t play. This will thus limit your growth potential in online casinos.

2: Dealers have a hand in the outcome of games

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Many people think that the casino staff can affect your outcome. It’s a pretty fair assumption since a dealer operates the cards and surely can cheat. The problem is that they can only do that once, and the act of cheating will, most likely, be spotted by the security staff and instantly reported. This is not a reputation that any online casino wants to build for itself as it can result in numerous losses. It is thus safe to say these dealers don’t have any effect on the outcomes of games. This is a myth that you shouldn’t believe.

3: A winning slot number happens after several spins

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In slot games, there is no such thing as winning after a certain number of spins. This has been a myth that has been accepted by numerous people and thus resulted in many playing for long periods and using lots of money. This however is a myth that you shouldn’t believe. The results from slot machines are not pre-determined and they happen randomly. You can even get a win after your first spin. Believing in this myth will limit your growth potential.

4: ‘Cold” and “Hot” slot machines

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According to a popular belief, people tend to think that the temperature of slot machines contributes to the winning potential. This myth says that you should try every slot machine until you win to determine one that is “hot”. This myth will thus lead you to not focusing more on the games thus resulting in more losses.

5: The more you spend, the more you win

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This myth states that you have to spend a constant amount of money and not stop until you win. This myth is quite misleading as a good gambler should know when to stop and minimize losses. If you believe in this myth, it may result in the loss of your stake amount and thus prevent you from growing into making good money on casino games.

6: Casino game winners don’t get payments

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This has been a myth that has mainly been spread by people who engage in unregistered gambling sites and places. Being illegal, the casino knows you cannot seek legal recourse to claim your money. They can thus easily withhold your money. This however is not a reflection of the entire casino industry. Legitimate casinos always pay their players once they win. This is a myth that has prevented people from playing, and don’t let this be you.

7: You can’t get the jackpot as soon as it has been won

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This is one of the myths that has managed to stick in the minds of numerous casino players. Many people tend to believe once a jackpot has been won, the games are “reset” and it will be a while before someone else wins. This however is a myth as these games are random. You should always have the courage to take a shot at the jackpot even if it has just been won. The selection is random, and you too can win the jackpot immediately someone wins it.

8: You can change a stake amount and fool a slot machine

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If there is a way to trick a slot machine, it has to include a large hammer. Unfortunately, many players believe that you can do it in mysterious ways, such as by changing the bet size or the number of pay lines. To tell the truth, there is a game where you can improve your odds of winning by placing a more substantial bet. It’s called Video Poker, and there you get the best RTP by playing five coins per bet. In all other games, the winnings are directly proportional to the size of the bet.

9: New gamblers always win

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You might have heard this popular myth that many people believe in. It says that new casino players always win the games. This is said to be a “motivation” for them to keep playing. This however is not true, since as we know, the wins are random. You can be a new casino game player and still lose. This thus shouldn’t make you stake your entire stake on a first game.

10: Gambler’s Fallacy

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This is a belief among numerous gamblers that results from their past games affect the current games. That if you were on a winning streak, you will continue winning. This however is not true. The casino games are random, and winning doesn’t depend on anything. Believing in this myth will result in you becoming scared of placing wagers or losing a lot of money. This will thus limit your growth, and it is important to always remember this.

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